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       Mack checks payable to W.W.O.T 25.00 charge for returned

checks must have picture id and phone number we have the right refuse checks for any resign

all sales consider finel no cash refunds exchange or in store credit only 

Special Orders

accepted, pre-paide over 10.00 cancellations not refundable 

   Advance Orders

25% deposits 30% deposit on higher price items followed by regular payments

based on manufacture due date refundable if manufacturer cancels not responsible or refundable

if item is delayed     

B T O (Built To Order)

can not be canceled except

buy manufacturer and will require a 30% deposit .

Product Search

for collectible require 50% deposit based on estimated

landed cost price range no refunds if canceled 

Price Matching

bring complete ad either printed or electronic and we will try to match to your landed cost product

price and freight . we reserve the right to not match those selling below cost .

Lay Way

25% deposit holds for 60 days deposit is forfeit if unclaimed, balance is subject to

12% finance charge on total lalance 6% per month 72% apr if extended beyond 60 days unclaimed items

60 days after notification are subject to a 12% finance charge on total balance with 6% per month 72% apr when unclaimed charges exceed value of deposit , deposit is forfeit product will be sold this applies to special orders advance orders and repairs . in store only  


repairs are done both in house and off site by qualified repair men repair estimates are free big changes on on repairs we no longer accepting mth ho,n,or z scale due to parts issues you will need to work directly with manufacturers we can still help with basic maintenance on ho .

warranted repairs are subject to manufacturer terms no refunds or replacements on electronics or lights

d.c.c. Install

if purchased from us it is free + the price of decoder plus tax

if purchased else where it is 20.00 + price of decoder sound is 50.00 + price of decoder + tax

work dose not start to install tell decoder is paid for .


minimum fee 5.00 or 1% whichever is grater .

Locomotive Testing

perchased here: no charge else wher 5.00 

Consulting Fee

minimum 5.00 or 1% whichever is greater may be applied to purchase 


Can not be canceled except buy the manufacture and will require 30% deposit